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Vedic astrology

is called jyotish (light) – revealing matters of consciousness to the jiva atma, individual soul, in the material world. According to our karmas, we take births determined by our deeds, good, bad, and mixed. To better understand the soul’s temporary journey in this human birth, jyotish gives us knowledge of life’s events in time, places, and circumstances (kala, desh, & patra).

Alexander Werdmuller von Elgg
• listened to the Stars of India in 2004 (a weekly radio show on jyotish)
• began reading jyotish text books in 2013
• and continues to study jyotish by learning from teachers presenting scholarly works

Therefore, by applying critical thinking to reading charts with a scientific attitude and recalling the visions of past sages, jyotish gives us an opportunity to see how our lives are connected to the Spiritual Reality.

If you are interested in booking a reading session with me to review your astrological charts, and gain a deeper sense of self and your environment, I welcome you to please contact me for a reading.

I am offering one (1) hour readings or written explanations on individual personal chart readings to assist in self knowledge.
Required information to produce accurate birthcharts:
your birthdate, birth time, & birth place.

$100 for either

option A
• 1 hour meeting
• PDF document showing personalized vedic astrology chart


option B
• a written form PDF document explaining chart(s) (replaces meeting)
• including PDF document showing personalized vedic astrology chart

Jyotish purpose
• support the soul in their sojourn in the material world
• provide guidance and spiritual understanding to souls

Limits of an astrologer
• imperfect by nature, intuitiveness, perceptivity, skill & blessings
• karma and destiny determinants, what we need to know when

Benefits of consulting astrologers
• hear perspectives beyond current vision
• understand and appreciate self knowledge
• relating to the environment in knowledge/intelligently

fundamentals in jyotish
• sanatan dharma, karma, samsara
• ayanamsa, sidereal and tropical zodiacs
• tri gunas, rajas, tamas, sattva (passion, ignorance, and goodness)
• tattvas (elements)
    – akasa, vayu, agni, jala, prthvi: space, air, fire, water, earth
• panchanga
• numerology
• lagna, lagna lord (ascendant, eastern horizon, moment of)
• chakras (charts)
• navagraha (9-planets including chaya grahas Rahu-Ketu)
• rasis (heaps, zodiac signs)
• bhavas (houses)
• vargas (groups, dividional charts)
• yogas (union)
• graha dristi & rasi drsti (aspects)
• karakas
• dasas (vimshottari and chara) for timing
• upapada lagnas (maya, illusory, societal view)
• dharma, artha, kama, moksha trikonas
• kendras, trikonas, upachayas, and dusthanas bhavas
• gochara (transits from chandra lagnas in vargas)
• binashtakvarga & sarvashtakvarga
• navamsapada
• hora